Premium Cigar Habana


It is said that the quality of the cigar lies at the junction of four factors:
  • weather;
  • floor;
  • wisdom of peasants and Cuban cigar rollers;
  • Cuban-type varieties snuff.

Despite efforts already made to achieve the quality of an authentic Cuban cigar in other regions of the planet from a seed of Cuban origin, it never reaches the quality of snuff made in Cuba. The combination of climatic factors with the characteristics of Cuban territory Habano make a genuine product of Cuba, certified by the seal of authenticity decorating boxes of different Cuban brands.
Every cigar must pass through the most stringent quality control processes established by the Regulatory Council for the Protected Denomination of Origin (D.O.P.) Habanos before they can earn the precious title of Habano.
estanco barrio gótico
estanco barrio gótico